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2014 Google Search Ranking Algorithm – Badge Search eCommerce

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While looking at recent US patents I came across an interesting new search engine algorithm Google is using to distinguish search results associated with e-commerce systems. According to the new patent:googles_new_algorithm 8,615,447, Google search engine will be able to visually distinguish badges on e-commerce sites.  Here is the actual


What kind of badges is Google looking for? Trust seals.  Google search spiders will be able to differentiate and communicate with characteristics of many different verification badges used by brokers who sell them.  So for example if your e-commerce site has a trust seal like TRUSTe then this would be a differentiating factor tied in to search engine optimization.


The big question is how will the verification badges affect your rankings.  Obviously Google is using it for some good reason if they made a patent for it.  Smart money says Google would view your site as a reputable website and it would only help your rankings to put a trust “badge” on it.  We live in a world where there are many phishing sites robbing people blind and so Google wants to give users the best possible online experience.  This patent was approved on December 24, 2013 so my guess is that they are using this as a differentiating factor in their search rankings now or will be very soon.


What if you have more than one trust seal badge on your e-commerce website?  Does that mean you’ll receive better brownie points from Google?  Another way we could look at this is that perhaps Google is going to be selling these trust seals as a new product for e-commerce sites.  For instance if you’re familiar with Norton antivirus.  They have a tool, like many other antivirus software companies that actually reviews search results pages and let you know if the site you are about to click on in those search results has been scanned for viruses.  Google could be using a similar business model for e-commerce website by displaying a trust seal badge next to the search results so you know that the website is approved by Google to be a secure vendor.  Basically Google still runs the search business online that many e-commerce sites are slaves to.  My personal opinion and recommendation is to get a trust badge for your site so you are prepared for this new search engine algorithm.  Having a trust badge on your e-commerce site is also well known to increase conversions.  Google

I’d like to hear from you.  What do you guys think about Google’s Badge Recognition?  Are you going to get a trust badge for your websites?


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