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Facebook Graph Search

5 Reasons To Use Facebook Graph Search

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Facebook Graph Search

#1 – New and unique innovation in search – Facebook Graph Search Social media has gained popularity recently. It is a great way to create a buzz about something as people who are active tend to spread it to people across their friends circle. Recently Facebook search graph has hit the 168 million U. S. Users. There are many people who use this feature regularly but do not actually know what exactly it is. You type a question on the Facebook search bar and then the results will be displayed that will be dependent on the interest and opinions of their friends.  Facebook graph search was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It is a form of semantic search engine. Facebook graph search is a new way to look for the things that were shared with you on Facebook. The people will only see the things that an individual has allowed them to see in their search results. The main aim behind this was to give answers to user’s natural language queries rather than a list of links, where the latter was not much convenient for the user. The Facebook graph search uses the data that has been collated from one billion users providing user specific search results. The graph search algorithm is implemented in such a manner that the finds information

based on the user’s network of friends.  In additional to the search results provided by Facebook graph search, the rest of the search results are provided by Microsoft’s Bing. To the users who use the U. S. English version of Facebook, this was made available in July.


Facebook Graph Search invented by Google employee

#2 – This feature was the brainchild of the former Google employees Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky. Initially Facebook graph search was made available to limited users and later on to a wider audience. Also in future some more mobile interfaces are planned and also the inclusion of the Instagram photos. Facebook graph search is a technology used by Facebook to find people and stuff that are connected by social means. The search feature used is a semantic search engine and it is based on intended meaning. This type on search does not match keywords, but phrases as well as objects. The Facebook graph search results are based on both the content of the user and the profiles of their friends and the relationship between the user and his or her friends. The search bar available on Facebook will suggest top search items as the user starts to type. The Facebook graph search terms include all the social objects like people, pages, places, apps and groups to help users see the results that are most relevant to them.


Facebook Graph Search similar to Google search

Selling through Social Media

Selling through Social Media- Helping customers is the way.

#3 – The results displayed are tailored as per the user who uses Facebook graph search. The Facebook graph search results provided are relevant in comparison to the traditional search results. The results that are socially applicable to the user are displayed with higher ranking. The brands that have be liked or reviewed by the user’s friends will be a part of the prominent results. The goal is to display the most relevant search results at the top of the page. A concept called Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency is implemented for more interesting search results. Facebook users search for friends and photos on the social networking site. Places are also searched at times.  There is also an option to advertise on Facebook graph search via sponsored results. Sponsored results display within the search bar auto-complete dropdown, but eventually will be displayed among the actual results. Initial reactions about the launch of Facebook graph search had many concerns about privacy. As per Facebook, the search operates within the already existing privacy settings. The users can access only that information that is actually accessible to him or her on the website. The graph search makes the search easy and more appealing to find.  Facebook graph search allows the users to search places, check-in status and objects with location information attached. Based on the user requirement they can filter the results and this feature is very helpful to search the web directly. The operation of this search feature is dependent on the involvement of the user. This feature prompts the Facebook user to add more friends quickly. The results displayed are richer compared to the existing search features therefore encouraging the user to use this features extensively.  Facebook graph search helps people to explore Facebook in a more refined manner. The search results are different for everyone based on what has been shared with them. The privacy settings on Facebook determine what your friends can see when they search for something on Facebook. One can also control who sees the profile information on Facebook. One can review the photos that the user has shared or the ones in which he or she is tagged. It is also possible to review your posts with the associated location tags on your activity log.


The results of this unique graph search is personalized for the user who is using this feature. The results depend on the audience that you have chosen. If the photo is set to Only Me, then no one will be able to find it in search. When set to Friends, your friend will see it in their search results. In case of Public, anyone who searches for it can find it on Facebook.  Facebook graph search is a way in which the Facebook users can discover new places, friends and other related stuff. This entire search is based on connection among various friends. The strength of this feature is connection the users have and the actions they have been a part of on Facebook. This includes liking various pages and posting the check-in status messages at various businesses and restaurants. It allows the users to learn about the current friend’s connection that one has and the actions done on Facebook by the user.  Facebook graph search does not allow paid ad opportunities and the results will depend on the number of connections and the actions on Facebook. The product will mature slowly and users anticipate that Facebook will create new ways to service targeted ads via the search.All the brands who wish to advertise their product should work towards the optimization of their Facebook page name, the category, URL and the about section. The optimization of the website content also plays a vital role for getting better search results.


Facebook Graph Search will better target customers based on demographics

#4 When brands want to connect with their target and potential customers, Facebook graph search will be of great help. The results are ordered based on the relationships and actions taken by the user on Facebook. The sorting of the results will be based on the number or connections and actions taken. The search is customized based on the user’s social network and his activity frequency  .Brands should target to promote their pages and increase the number of likes to the page so as to reap maximum benefits from this feature. Facebook graph search is not only a good opportunity for large scale industries but also small business firms. It provides a good platform to the small businesses that face a lot of trouble to compete with the other multinational firms on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most of the small scale business firms do not have much budget, the required traffic or completely optimized site in order to compete with large business firms. The big companies dominate the rankings on the traditional search engines.  Mostly the restaurant and travel industry have benefitted from this search feature. This is due to the check-in status that people post on Facebook. When a person will see these on Facebook, he or she will be tempted to visit the place based on the information that will be available on the page. The Facebook’s current friends of friends advertising option has increased significantly. The subtle approach of Facebook graph search is likely to grow significantly with time. People who are highly active on this website search for people, places and pictures and likely the percentage of search is likely to increase day by day. Many business firms have seen the benefits of Facebook graph search and it is essential to increase the visibility on Facebook. The optimization of the website greatly increases the search result ranking on the various search engines.  For the brands which use Facebook to advertise themselves, the ideal target user will be a user who is extremely active on the site so that they can reap quality benefits from the Facebook graph search.  The people who are active with the likes and check-ins are the ones that are ones that contribute to all this modified way of searching. Such people are willing to share their information with their friends and want all their friends to do the same thing.


#5 – Facebook graph search is a feature that has increased interaction on the Facebook significantly. Users spend time and effort on the content where as the brands should focus on developing and modifying the content in the best possible manner. The better the content and pictures are there on the website, the better will be the likes on the page. The website of the various brands has to be so exclusive that it attracts the users and force them to like the page on Facebook. Due to the Facebook graph search feature the optimization for Facebook has become very important.  Just creating a business page on Facebook does not solve the purpose of advertising.  The popularity the site is what matters the most. The search results are going to depend upon the number of likes, check-in by people, people commenting and location based searching.


Facebook Graph Search

This functionality helps the users to find products and places that their friends have already enjoyed. It enables to improve find-ability for the business in the social network world. The website designers have to make sure that the about section of the company profile is complete and updated. With the arrival of Facebook graph search, the ads are more personalized and effective. Facebook has also announced that it will include sponsored results on this new search feature. This feature has also brought forward a good platform for the journalists to make use of it effectively. This platform can be used in a range of different situations. With a lot of posts and updates on the user’s timeline, it becomes difficult to find something that you are looking for. So the feature of Facebook graph search has brought an end to all such search related problems.  All the specific posts and comments can be found at anytime by using this search feature.


The Facebook graph search allows the person to search through the content that has been shared with you. This also includes public posts people who are not even your friends. It is easier to find people with common interest and helps people with similar interest interact with each other. If someone is not comfortable making their posts available in the search results, they can restrict people to view it by changing their privacy settings.Facebook graph search gives personalized results for the user in the same manner like the news feed is unique for every user. This implies that if two people are searching for the same term can get different results. Posts are seen based on the audience for those particular posts. Users can search easily for status updates, photo captions, comments and check-ins. The introduction of Facebook graph search has made it easy for active people to make new friends. Giving the opportunity to users to go back in time and search for historical data has made them addicted to the feature.Facebook monitors the usage and takes feedback to improve the search. This feature needs to be optimized completely before it is released for the use by all the users of Facebook. Review and feedback is most important things for developing a site and serve the users in the nest possible way. Facebook graph search is based completely on connections and the search results are specific for specific individual. It is powered by a backend technology known Unicorn. With these new features will new opportunities and more and innovative ways to optimize visibility. By Scott Andreasen of 1stbay Digital Marketing Company.


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